Who I am?

My name is Anton Vladimirovich. Was born in the solar city of Ashgabat in 1988. Arrived to the city of St. Petersburg for study and remained in this city, to live and work.

I work as the WEB PROGRAMMER more than 7 years. Worked in different web studios. Worked diversely web developments:

  • SEO advance
  • HTML imposition
  • PHP programming
  • Project manager

Very well I know CMS 1C-Bitriks, already over a year I study Yii2 a framework. Well I know jQuery.

Worked on a project https://ryady.ru/ - website of the company "Оптоклуб РЯДЫ". At a stage of design and imposition I appeared in a role the project manager. Programming stage completely on me. On the website the directory of goods is provided, private office of the user. Exchange of goods, checks, users with SAP is realized. In a private office it is possible to create the list of purchases and to look at purchases (checks) made in shop earlier…

I have been working for KORUS Consulting for more than 2 years https://1c.korusconsulting.ru/

Worked on a project https://prod.tochka-market.ru/ - personal account of B2B clients, Rimex company. Implemented exchange, via SAP and files.

I work on projects of personal accounts for B2B clients:

I blog mainly for myself. To remember what decisions used in different projects. But I hope, my blog will be useful also to you, my dear guest!

My native Russian. Forgive for badly readable English text.